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Microfiber Leather VS Real Leather VS PU Leather?

In today’s world, individuals are becoming aware of animal rights and calling out to treat animals humanely. Due to such support, the demand for microfiber leather has increased significantly. Microfiber leather is one of the finest artificial leather and an excellent alternative to genuine leather. But is microfiber leather reliable and durable? To identify the differences between real and faux leather and to distinguish which one is better; read this article to get a better insight and answers to all your questions. 

What is Microfiber Leather and What is it Made of?

Microfiber leather is the abbreviation of microfiber polyurethane synthetic (faux) leather. It is the highest grade of artificial leather, and due to its remarkable performance, microfiber leather is known as the best real leather alternative. 

Microfiber leather belongs to the third generation of artificial leather, and its structure is very similar to genuine leather. It is created using a layer of high-performance Polyurethane resins and extremely fine fiber base cloth to closely substitute skin fibers for microfiber. 

Application of Microfiber Leather:

Previously individuals complained that artificial leather like microfiber leather does not feel or smell like real leather, but due to the increasing support of individuals to protect animals, they have switched to using microfiber leather, and manufacturers are improvising artificial leather so it can become the best substitute to real leather. Due to the increasing demand of microfiber leather, nowadays, it is used to make: 

  • Shoe leather,
  • Garment leather,
  • Bags and luggage leather,
  • Balls leather,
  • Glove leather,
  • Fine inner packaging leather,
  • Accessories like belt, shoes, straps, laces, etc.,
  • Car seat and other automotive interior parts leather
  • Sofa and other furniture upholstery leather. 

Advantages of Microfiber Leather: 

Microfiber leather has strength similar to genuine leather, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The premium quality of material used allows the microfiber to stay with you for a long time without peeling off. 

The polyurethane resin on the surface of the microfiber leather gives it remarkable features like excellent wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and hydrolysis resistance. 

It is eco-friendly, breathable, washable, antibacterial, and anti-odor. 

Microfiber Leather VS Real Leather

  • Texture: Faux leather is a superior quality artificial leather that nearly replicates all the features of real leather, such as the texture, durability, ability to absorb moisture, and breathability. 
  • Performance: However, if we talk about the features of faux leather, like its chemical, abrasion, and aging resistance, then microfiber is better than real leather.
  • Odor: Real leather is created using the animal skin; therefore, it has a peculiar smell that can only be removed if it undergoes an appropriate process; however, minor negligence can result in the real leather having a pungent smell. In contrast, artificial leather is odorless as it is made up of premium quality polyurethane resins and fine fiber base cloth. 
  • Price: Lastly, if we compare the price and quantity of microfiber leather vs real leather, then the price of real leather is relatively higher than microfiber leather as it is made out of genuine animal skin; however, it is not produced in bulk like microfiber leather. 

Microfiber Leather VS PU Leather

Microfiber leather itself is made using polyurethane (PU), so aren’t they the same things? No, they are entirely different kinds of leather with different prices, structure, and performance. 

  • Structure: The base fabric of Ordinary Polyurethane (PU) is made up using knitted, woven, or non-woven fabric. Then the base is coated with polyurethane resins. In contrast, faux leather has a three-dimensional structure. The base fabric of artificial leather is made of non-woven fabric, which is then coated with top-notch quality polyurethane resins. 
  • Performance: Despite having the surface of polyurethane resins, both the microfiber and PU leather have distinct performance. Microfiber leather has better color fastness, texture, hydrolysis, abrasion, acid, and alkali resistance than ordinary PU. 
  • Market prospects: PU has been in the market for a while; hence it is popular and has more color options than artificial leather. But recently, the recognition of microfiber leather has increased, causing it to take over the leather industry. 
  • Price: The price of Ordinary PU is lower than microfiber leather. 


The demand for Microfiber leather is increasing, and manufacturers are improvising the structure to make it an excellent substitute for natural leather. Individuals are loving this idea as they are in favor of protecting animals. In fact, individuals have started to make microfiber leather couches, automotive interior leather, upholstery leather, and many other leather accessories using microfiber. 

You may find it challenging to identify which leather is reliable, durable, and has an excellent chemical as well as physical properties. But the above article will give you a handful of information to differentiate between real leather VS microfiber leather VS PU leather.  

So if you are looking to purchase a high-quality microfiber leather that has a similar texture as well as features like genuine leather, then visit us at We have a vast variety of faux leather to fulfill all your requirements. 

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