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An Ultimate Guide About PU Leather

PU leather is one of the very common choices made in pursuit of artificial leather. Nowadays various amenities and even clothing items are made up of leather. All you must do is to choose the right kind of leather for the right purpose keeping in view your target audience.

Here is the complete descriptive analysis of PU leather for all those wholesalers, distributors, importers, or manufacturers who are looking for artificial leather.

PU Leather Meaning

PU leather has its abbreviation as Polyurethane leather. It is perhaps a very fine form of artificial leather. The leather that is made up of thermoplastic polymer is known as PU leather. That thermoplastic polymer is in turn used in the manufacturing of shoes and furniture. However, nowadays it has a very wide range of applications.

The qualities of PU leather are its flexibility, durability, and polymer that lasts long.

If the leather is 100 percent Polyurethane leather, then it is described as completely artificial. There are some types of PU leather, or you can say that the artificial leather. When in search of artificial leather it is better to have profound information about every leather out there under the tag for artificial leather.

Here are those.

  • Polyurethane leather
  • Bonded leather
  • Bicast leather
  • Reconstituted leather
  • Split leather
  • Collected grain leather

History of PU Leather

PU leather is known for playing its role in the international development of various economies. For the past sixty years, PU leather has made its mark in the developed countries like China. China is known for producing PU leather since 1958.

China producing PU leather itself is playing its role in the growth and development of production lines. With every passing year, the production of PU leather has increased. PU leather now comes in various colors and improved quality.

The roots of PU leather manufacturing are in various countries. The leather coated with polyurethane made its way to the marketplace during the 1950s. it was in 1964 when DuPont of the United States has developed Polyurethane synthetic leather for the upper-upper segment of the society.

Japanese companies also tried their level best and got succeeded in establishing a production line that will yield 60,000, sqm of PU leather annually.

PU leather that most of the distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, and importers have their hands on is a result of continuous research of twenty years in variety, production, quality, and whatnot.

PU leather is now moving from production to dispersion and water emulsion. The products where it is used are also increased. Now PU leather is extensively not just restricted to shoes and furniture but also in the manufacturing of decoration pieces, clothing, and other daily amenities.

How is PU Leather Made?

PU leather is just artificial leather. That artificial leather is composed of a layer of polyurethane. The coating of polyurethane enhances the quality of leather. Inner splits are used in the making of PU leather.  

To prepare Polyurethane leather, a laminate material with a non-woven or tissue substrate is utilized. Such substrate is derived from petroleum. There is a specific procedure to prepare this laminate. Most of the time it is made by using covering materials which is polyurethane. Petroleum is used as a side product in this process.

The preparation of PU leather begins with the fabric. Fabric here acts as a base and is usually a polyster. That fabric then undergoes the process which makes it look like  real leather. However, the surface of the leather will be different and it will be easy to differentiate among the real leather and its machine-made piece.

Different chemicals are used for the manufacturing of different kinds of artificial leather. Here polyurethane is utilized for the final look of PU leather fabric.  

Since artificial leathers like PU leathers have utilized chemicals, their manufacturing process is entirely different from the real leather. Most commonly, leather fabric is bonded to the plastic coating during manufacturing.

During the manufacturing process PU leather releases all the toxins that are hazardous to human health. Thus, the production is safe and free form any harm. Moreover, PU leather is made by using polymers. All these polymers are oil based and utilize fossil fuels.

Pros and Cons of PU Leather

As far as PU leather is concerned, know that it has its pros and cons. So, choose the one that best fits the needs and demands of your buyers.

· Pros

  • PU leather is cost-effective. It is because its manufacturing process is quite convenient as compared to other leathers.
  • If the leather is 100 percent PU, then it is considered vegan.
  • It can be manufactured on the demands of wholesalers in any style or color, which suits their regular buyers.
  • From the companies perspective, its manufacturing process plays its role in sustainability.

· Cons

  • It can appear fake to those manufacturers and importers out there who know the difference between artificial and original leather.
  • Being an artificial leather, it is not easy breathable.
  • One can feel the smell of chemicals and plastics coming out from this leather.
  • The life span of PU leather is comparatively shorter. It is because it starts wearing and tearing earlier than any leather should be.
  • This leather tends to lose its lustrous quality over time.
  • Not every article of PU leather needs to be vegan.
  • No leather product is eco-friendly ever because they are made up of non-biodegradable materials.
  • It is water absorbent, thus making the PU leather surfaces not convenient to rinse and clean.

Is PU Leather Durable?

There are various types of leathers in which polyurethane is utilized. Thus, all of them are known as PU leather and can be used in substitution because of their composition.

PU leather regarded as faux leather is somewhat durable if it is 100 percent polyurethane. Moreover, high-quality resins ensure better leather as compared to low-quality resins.

In addition to this, some manufacturers regarded PU leather as bicast and bonded leather as well.  they are also durable but comparatively less than faux PU leather. It is because more than usual bicast is made up of PVC and polyester resin.

Their durability enhances when they are bonded back to scrap material.

Is PU Leather Vegan?

PU leather is artificial leather but in its original form, it is 100 percent vegan. PU leather in its original form refers to it being 100 percent artificial as it is the core characteristic of it. The blend of various chemical substances makes polyurethane vegan.

However, do not confuse split leather with PU leather. No matter if the dealers confuse split leather with PU leather manufacturers knows the difference is huge.

Split leather is made up by combining leftovers with original leather and then smear it with the coating of polyurethane. Thus, the mix of original and artificial leather could never be 100 percent vegan.

It is highly advisable to look for the label on the leather. It will ensure that whether the leather is made of polyurethane or is it just the coating over leftovers.

It will also address all the ethical concerns hovering in the heads of purchase decision-makers. Some of the buyers out there do not want to utilize the products manufactured by slaughtering animals merely to have the leather products at home.

So, before buying from us, identify the concerns of your potential customers.

Why Should You Choose Polyurethane Leather over PVC Leather?

Polyurethane leather differs from PVC leather in a variety of aspects. Most common among them are the structure of the leather, its breathability,handfeeling and durability.

· Structure

PVC and PU leather are different in their structure. Since PVC has layers in its structure so it is different from PU leather. Added number of layers contributes to the durability of the leather and the structure becomes tougher.

On the other hand, PU leather is flexible and pliable. It is more likely to get wrinkles and stains. Whereas PVC leather is more resistant to wear and tear.

· Handfeeling

Generally Pvc leather should be harder than Pu leather when compared them

· Breathability

Breathability is more commonly taken into view when it comes to the use of leather. It is very much considered when you need to manufacture clothing items from that leather. PU leather is somewhat more convenient to wear as compared to PVC leather. It is because PU leather has a porous surface.

As, PVC leather has a foam layer, surface coating, and then skin layer which makes it tough and very less breathable.

Also, note that the surface of PU leather is porous which makes it absorbent. Most of the dealers sell PU leather to their consumers who do not have toddlers at home.

If we compare the above-mentioned qualities then it is inferred that PU leather has pores, lack durability, and strength.

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Final Thoughts

Since you have collected all the relevant pieces of information about leather. It is now recommended to opt for those manufacturers who are more likely to sell to the wholesalers, distributors, importers, and manufacturers. Beware of PU fake leather and get premium PU leather from ourui leather.

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